WEA PageEngine Print Store


Welcome to the WEA’s online print tool for volunteers and members.

This platform has been designed to give you instant access to making high quality print materials within minutes.

We are launching this platform in a phased approached: phase 2 (now) includes access to our second round of templates and merchandise offerings. It is currently limited in regards to imagery as we work to improve this functionality but as we’ve moved from phase 1 to 2 with lots of templates you will now find a bank of illustrations and photos (branded and GDPR and copyright compliant) to choose from for most of the templates which is a new feature. We all work to increase this offering to give you more choice and we are working on your feedback to improve existing templates and to provide this option to our brochure templates. This feature will launch in the next few months.

Phase 2 has included some of your feedback and for phase 3 we will be working to include more offerings. Many thanks to everyone that provided feedback across the last few months.

For phase 3 we continue to request your feedback on what we could add in template format to make this work better for you so please do get in touch – design@wea.org.uk

As a reminder - you can now order WEA branded merchandise, such as cotton bags, mugs, and pens. And create your own posters, brochures, leaflets, and flyers. Choose either to order professional prints of your design, or choose the free PDF option to download your design to print yourself.

The platform allows you to view all products and browse with no login requirements however, when you 'add to basket' or 'start creating' the platform will take you to a secure Microsoft login step. Once logged in you can create away! This keeps you secure and avoids you losing work.

For more technical support with this platform you can view our how to use guide, our video how to use guide or contact the friendly PageEngine support team at weahelp@pageengine.com. If you wish to view the terms and conditions of this site click here or if you wish to read the WEA policies please click here. For additional poster copy writing support click here. For local bespoke requests please contact your regional office who can connect you to our word doc templates and other support tools.

Please note that with purchasable items there is an approval process with the WEA finance team – who will receive your order first to check against budgets. For further details about this please speak with your local region or email: printtoolpayments@wea.org.uk

View the full phase 1 gallery of poster and brochure templates here before getting started

Pull-up banners

You can now order 2m tall pull-up banners, and A4 sized table-top pull-up banners. Before ordering pull-up banners, read this PDF to see the designs available, and how to order. If you'd prefer an A4 sized table-top pull-up banner, read this PDF.

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